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Soccer is the world's most popular and participated in sport, perhaps even your own children have had

or will experience the passion, skill and lifetime value of playing it. With less disposable income for many

families, they are being forced to choose between allowing their child to play the sport they love and providing

for their families. Pro Alliance Football Club mission is to allow each child to participate in the great sport of

soccer, regardless of ethnicity, disabilities and income. This can only be done with generous support of

philanthropic individuals, corporate/community partners or asking families to pay to play. We are determined to

significantly reduce and possibly eliminate the fees associated with participation.

Here are some of the ways you could help:

- A donation (can be anonymous), to either a specific player, team or program.

- A sponsorship of a player, team, program, or the entire club.

- In-Kind donations of products or services currently purchased by the club.

- Advertisement/Signage on uniforms, apparel, banners, etc.

- Other programs specifically tailored to our organization/wishes.

With our 501c3 non-profit organization status, your contributions would be tax deductible and 100 % would

go towards the youth athletes we serve.


We appreciate your time and kind consideration, we hope you will participate in this program.


Pro Alliance Football Club: FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION # 82-4931272

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